Wooflet Turns Heads with Debut EP

Wooflet (aka Trevor Glaholt) continues his impressive first mark upon the underground bass music scene through the sounds of ‘Solitude,’ his debut EP via Intrepid Audio (Denver, CO.) Its release represents a massive milestone in the early stages of a project that has volumes of promise through both depth of character and attention to detail. […]

Checking in on Flintwick

Flintwick made available a lovely new tune entitled ‘Lizard Cove,’ ‘pay what you will’ as of December 5. The track shows a lovely combination of styles, as it leads with a certain downtempo ambiance before suddenly flipping on its head, donning an experimental neuro track funk optic that has an ever-familiar Flintwick-feel to it. Each […]

Jonteal – Timeworn EP (Aspire Higher)

      Jonteal is ready to make public yet another entry to his midtempo neurobass experiments—this time in a collaborative effort with Philly-based freeform bass record label ‘Aspire Higher,’ who places clear emphasis on refined taste in artistic expression alongside deep experimentation in bass music sound design; they have released tunes by the likes […]

Flintwick Bends Genres With ‘Color Coded EP’

Three tracks of well textured mid-tempo bass grooves rooted in psy, funk, and neuro is what we get with ‘Color Coded;’ each track a its own respective showcase of these key elements weaved together. When asked about the approach for each of these tracks, Brady Cagle (Flintwick) replied that he channeled most of his energy […]

Fractal Sky: An Update

For years Fractal Sky has blessed the local scene with his whole-hearted take on fresh, current sounds of the underground.  He changes and bends with the time as time changes and bends to the will of styles-changing, all the while holding true to core values that lay foundation for quality, well-produced music release after release.  […]