Artist Feature 001: Meesh


Upon unveiling a new MINT promo mix of original tracks, Fayetteville resident bass producer Meesh (Hayden Meshell) has been endlessly slaving away in his laboratory to establish a solid foundation in bass music culture.  By joining forces with Squam Sound, Mad Scientist Meesh catalyzes our “Artist Feature Series” in allowing us to share high-quality, grassroots bass music.  To offer a brief breakdown of the content within the mix:  twenty-five minutes of gut pounding, bass-driven neurotic concepts, eight tracks are featured and played all the way out—the final two being the only ones released publicly.  The former six tracks are a compilation that has been in the collective works for well over a year and will be featured in some capacity as a full EP release.  The idea is to present a well-rounded, multi-faceted selection of works that showcase an understanding of core-values in artistic approach as well as an ability to bend genres and move fluidly through styles of production.  Regardless of how Hayden decides to use such a weapon of mass-destruction, Squam is unconditionally supportive—his talent and passion for bass inspires us!


Moving ever-onwards in our quest of forward escape—Squam Sound wishes only to provide its followers with fine selections in bass-driven production—this mix packs serious heat.  Please tune in and support and extremely talented, young producer—I highly recommend speakers with good low end response :}

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(by Cade Waller)

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