Artist Feature 002: parkbreezy

Parkbreezy—Opalescence EP (10/11/2018)

Parkbreezy, aka Parker Williams, is a current small-scale//up-and-coming producer of the illustrious Denver music scene. The sound is delectable to hip-hop heads—picture yourself floating amongst the clouds, free from the grips of time.  Generally seeing atmospheric mids and highs introduced; a bass drum then kicks; once, twice, off—zooming through space—the bass groove came to serve as a propellant.  Dreamy, atmospheric mids and highs paired with soul crunching drums and bass grooves are what I’ve come to expect of Parkbreezy—a breath of fresh air for fans of old school hip-hop sounds such as J Dilla or Pete Rock.
‘Opalescence’, Parkpreezy’s latest release, features three tracks. ‘Sleepa’ ft. Pheel is the first track and probably my favorite of the three—it sounds like a funky elevator-jazz track.  ‘Binary’, tack 2, starts with a pretty piano sample and goes straight into a hard-hitting drum beat and deeper bass groove than featured in ‘Sleepa’, as well as more inclusion of glitch concepts.  ‘Nuff Said’ is the final piece on the EP, and it is the most unique in my opinion. A trippy, arpeggiated piano groove paves way for the main synth that feels like I’m being told a story, or maybe being taken on a journey.


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