Recap: Mickman//DeeZ//Alejo a la Black Box

Mickman, Deez, Alejo @ The Black Box. Denver, CO

As a true fan and believer in the Mickman Movement I felt extremely compelled to travel trans-nationally to catch the first headline showing at the arguable Mecca of U.S. Bass Music Culture//The Black Box in Denver, Colorado.  There is hardly a better indoor soundscape to be found in the entire country—and hardly a better artist to see perform on their house sound system (Basscouch) built of Danley and Tannoy audio equipment.  It’s refreshing to see an artist like Mickman, one who’s sound always come through genuinely, catch a paradigm-shifting break such as the one that its Black Box showing appears to be a cornerstone for.

My friends and I went as close as we could get to the production for the first set of the night by Cincinnati native, Alejo.  Stage design and mixed VJ images were provided on the night by Black Box resident B1nary.  Also note that each of the three musicians played original sound throughout the duration of their respective sets.  Being so close to the Basscouch is utterly immersive—allowing for creation of purely raw audio and visual imagery generated by the production. After a heaping dose of Alejo we, the viewers, were greeted with Boston Glitch Guy, DeeZ.  Being the only of the three featured artists that I had not seen perform a DJ set thus far, DeeZ was a massive anticipatory point for myself—also worth noting that DeeZ and Smigonaut recently released a juicy EP that was played out.  To one of the vibes I noticed of the entire night, he played out his Bass Head remix—all throughout the night I said to myself (and others) how I felt nostalgic to many a fun Bassnectar memory of old that the space seemed to hold.  On comes Mickman and by this time we’d re-positioned ourselves towards the back of the room (still centered).  I feel that while being close can create the immersion effect, as mentioned—being further back allows for the viewer to observe human interaction paired with the audio/video production. Mickman’s set consisted of tons of tunes from the four current LP releases (all free to own!) as well as a handful (or three) of unreleased tuna from is hopefully a forthcoming LP release.

Thanks to JV Photography

Big ups to The Black Box, Alternate Productions, and all the artists involved in a righteous showing.



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