Artist Feature 003: Mize

Mize is the brainchild of Ian Evans, an experimental bass-centric glitch hop project that showcases a wet and wobbly approach to low-end theory.  Heavy drums show listeners the darker side of hip-hop to pair with the deeply satisfying bass grooves, while the well-placed vocal sampling and synth really gives the stereo image that tight edge that we’re looking to hear.  Mize sound makes you move as if you are at the mercy of a dark, sub-aquatic cephalopod that preys on stillness.  Being still for even a fraction of a moment too long could result in death, however well-timed stillness breaks the creature—bending its being to your will with the mind.  The beast is left at your mercy to do with as you please.
Be sure to check out “Imagery” as a ‘name your price’ option for Bandcamp downloads on  alongside stream options with both Soundcloud and Spotify!

An exclusive mix by Mize-including three unreleased tunes-is featured below be sure to peep!

Big thanks to the artists (Ian Evans, Evelyn Sosa, Grayson Griswold) for contributing to this milestone release for Squam and helping bring it together ❤

-Cade Waller

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