Album Review: ‘Where’ by Dillard & DMVU (Code 9 Audio)

As a massive fan of Dillard, I am always scanning the horizons for new releases.  So I caught early wind of a new LP release entitled ‘Where’ (Code 9 Audio) and have been waiting for official release (11/23) ever since. Dillard is a master producer of downtempo dubs— time and time again cultivating full LP releases of dreamy soundscapes interwoven with arguably the best sub-bass I’ve ever heard (track 2 ‘Piece of Paper’, track 4 ‘Where’).  This album is no exception, yet another top-to-bottom exploration through a world of sub-sounds, offering to us a collaborative work with fellow Denver-dubman DMVU.  ‘Where’ is an expressway to experiencing some of the most forward ideas in underground bass music culture—atmospheric soundscapes (track 4 ‘Aether’, track 6 ‘Northern Lights’), catchy melodies (track 7 ‘Notebook’, track 10 ‘Rainclouds’),  and symbolic voice samples (track 3 ‘Blue’, track 8 ‘By Myself’, track 9 ‘When They Were Needed’) combine to gently set the mood in anticipation of the hitting-beat and that sweet, sweet oscillating bass.  Once there, it’s pure mind, body, and soul hypnotization.  This album takes my worst feelings as massive, immovable mountains and changes them to dusty wind—bendable at the will of my breath.

Here lie ten textbook downtempo dubs that are sound system-approved for knocking socks off:

By Cade Waller

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