Artist Feature 005: Repulsion

Having the opportunity to work with Repulsion (Joshua Philpot, Oklahoma City, OK) is a true blessing for the Squam Collective. An artist whose career arc I have been watching unfold from afar ever since I learned of the purity of its conception and the proximity of his location to mine. Joshua does a fantastic job with Repulsion, there is an undeniable element of purity and innocence in his approach to the beast—to me the finished product is brilliant, serving as a pillar for classic dubstep culture on an international level. To me, Repulsion represents a ‘back to the basics’ mentality to dubstep; in a world filled with artists eager to discover the next new thing, Repulsion serves as a symbol of dub-foundationalism. Classic, rolling basslines at 140 beats per minute that are sure to have your head bobbing and body bouncing. Crunchy, distorted synths that are minimalistic in nature, yet still change the entire landscape of the stereo image. (finger guns blasting) Yes, yes, Repulsion is a breath of fresh air if you love dubstep but find yourself asking if it’s dead.


Written by Cade Waller

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