Artist Feature 007: EvoluShawn


Proudly rolling out our latest addition to the Artist Feature: Evolushawn. This is an artist that I’ve been closely following ever since discovering his tunes; a near-perfect embodiment of the middle ground between drum & bass and glitch-hop that I find myself searching for so frequently.  Heavy-hitting hip-hop beats, drum and bass fills seamlessly integrated within as textures of deep, vivid color arise. The way now paved for atmospheric synths and mind-warping, neurotic glitches to crawl about—all the while an absolute chest-pounding bass-line rolls out beneath as Guide to the entire aural arrangement.


EvoluShawn is blazing trails all throughout the underground airways with his signature spin on the freestyle bass vibe that we know and love, the past year has showing big promise.  Thrice did EvoluShawn release on London-based drum and bass record label, Forest Biz (including his own two-track EP).  In the beginning of February, Deft Music Collective celebrated its debut release, ‘Deft Music Vol. 1,’ a project that EvoluShawn is heavily involved with.  Finally is the independent release of Steez EP (easily one of my favorite records of 2019) in the latter stages of February—four tracks of raw, gritty bass that are an outright raw presentation of EvoluShawn sound.

Join us in support of Shawn in all his artistic/musical escapades in the coming seasons, he deserves it because his music is DOPE. ❤

-Cade Waller

Release Cover Photo

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