Fractal Sky: An Update

For years Fractal Sky has blessed the local scene with his whole-hearted take on fresh, current sounds of the underground.  He changes and bends with the time as time changes and bends to the will of styles-changing, all the while holding true to core values that lay foundation for quality, well-produced music release after release.  The work he has done is so impressive, he holsters a back-catalogue that stretches as far back as 2011—go, listen, and monitor his music, and you will see that it spans a very wide variety of bass music sub-genres that have reigned throughout the last decade.  The way in which Fractal Sky rose to his current state of local prominence is just that: fluidity as a function of stability.

Squam Sound proudly brings to you a catalyst for the next leg of Fractal Sky’s ever-onward progression, a high-energy drum and bass tune entitled ‘STABB’R’.  This is the first drum and bass tune that Mr. Sky has ever completed or released, the title and vocal cut are both direct reflections of an expressed intent to immerse himself within the increasingly-popular drum and bass scene sweeping about the States.  Squid Fam is honored to be hand-chosen by the man himself to bring it to the press!



Upcoming gigs/releases:

  • 4/20 Fort Smith @ Harry’s Downtown (headlining)
  • 5/11 Tulsa @ IDL Ballroom w/ Thriftworks (direct support)
  • 6/1 Backwoods Music Festival (mainstage w/ visuals by REXAFFECTS)
  • Upcoming EP entitled “Obscurity Squad Vol.1” album art by Cullen Hassel.


For any sound tech nerds reading, here is a list of the various hardwares and softwares that Fractal Sky’s personal production studio is comprised of:

Ableton, Mackie mr8 monitors, iMac, no floor sub currently but the Mackie’s have 8” subs built in, PreSonus firebox interface, Universal Audio satellite (various plugs) Virus TI, Nord Lead 4, Moog lil phatty, Novation X-Station, Serum, Soundtoys plugs, Waves plugs, FabFilter plugs, Oeksound plugs.

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