Flintwick Bends Genres With ‘Color Coded EP’

Three tracks of well textured mid-tempo bass grooves rooted in psy, funk, and neuro is what we get with ‘Color Coded;’ each track a its own respective showcase of these key elements weaved together. When asked about the approach for each of these tracks, Brady Cagle (Flintwick) replied that he channeled most of his energy and focus into the sound-design and mixdown tech in an effort to sculpt nice, rounded, fulfilled stereo-images.  Safe to say that there are certainly some spot-on brain-ticklers embedded into the EP—’Bandicoot’ was the best example for me, having those neuro cadences that I’ve grown to love through artists like the K.L.O, Mr. Bill, and Seppa.  Simultaneously, Brady was apt on implicating his work into a dancefloor vibe—which is where I feel the heavy psyfunk/psydub vibes come into play.  There’s nothing like a thick, funky fat slap bass lick to get groovers grooving about the dance floor.

Squid fam loves Flintwick: he’s local, he’s grassroots, and he’s killin’ it always!  Special thanks to Brady for requesting this review.  Download your own copy of his new EP at ‘name your price’ on his bandcamp page.

Catch Flintwick at any of the following stops this Summer:

5/4 – Byrdfest Music Festival – Ozark, Ar

5/11 – Outland Ballroom – Springfield, Mo

6/2 – Backwoods Music Festival – Mulberry Mountain, Ar

7/9 – Cirque Du Flame – Eureka Springs, Ar

Color coded album art (1)




Written by Cade Waller

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