Jonteal – Timeworn EP (Aspire Higher)




Jonteal is ready to make public yet another entry to his midtempo neurobass experiments—this time in a collaborative effort with Philly-based freeform bass record label ‘Aspire Higher,’ who places clear emphasis on refined taste in artistic expression alongside deep experimentation in bass music sound design; they have released tunes by the likes of Craz, GrymeTyme, 5am, Mindwalker, tiedye ky, and Vibe Emissions (a few of my favorites) all just in this calendar year.

Three tunes and a digital piece by Papa Bear combine to create the record—and almost instantly there’s an all-present mystical element. The cover art shows an interdimensional temple in a secluded forest—and in each track there is some ethereal combination of natural elements (chants, hip-hop verses/cuts, woodwinds, strings) weaving together in cultivation of extremely dope atmospheres.  This idea is where the mystical element really comes out within the stereo image of each track; executed mainly within the intro before the bass gets weird.  I do feel that Jonteal does a wonderful job of continually introducing new elements as the track moves further along post-drop, keeping each tune fresh and engaging as a listening experience at an impressive 4-6 minutes a piece.

Timeworn is a great addition to Jonteal’s repertoire, and equally as great a follow up to last Fall’s release, ‘Limbic Resonance‘—we see lots of the same focus on gritty, distorted basses and funky neuro click-clacks arranged in absolute mind-tickling cadences. Though where there is a prevalence of the dancefloor in ‘Limbic Resonance,’ a bit of a chill-out vibe seizes the day (or night) in Timeworn; this record is a perfect addition to your playlists of late-night listeners for fall/summer campouts.

Favorite Track: ‘Sun In Your Eyes”

Jonteal (Jaime Seed)

CC: Jaime Seed Photography


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by Cade Waller


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