Checking in on Flintwick

Flintwick made available a lovely new tune entitled ‘Lizard Cove,’ ‘pay what you will’ as of December 5. The track shows a lovely combination of styles, as it leads with a certain downtempo ambiance before suddenly flipping on its head, donning an experimental neuro track funk optic that has an ever-familiar Flintwick-feel to it. Each element works with one another as harmonious (or disharmonious) coaxial to warm, deeply texturized bassline at one hundred forty beats per minute.

Brady Cagle AKA Flintwick is gaining bouts of traction across several niche pockets of underground bass culture. Brady is getting looks in the Denver/Rocky Mountain area, recently co-headlining BlissFall Music Festival at the renowned Mishikawa Amphitheater with Russ Liquid and K Lab. Brady’s also incredibly active in his newly established residential scene of Fayetteville/Northwest Arkansas. He’s recently participated in ‘Ecstatic Dance Fayetteville’ and I’m sure we can expect more wholesome effort from Brady in support of his local communities moving forward. Finally, Brady has taken up a side project entitled ‘Acid Katz’ with St. Louis-based producer, LuSiD, which is envisioned as a psychedelic live experience (studio production has been mentioned as well.) Each of the two producers use clear elements of psychedelia in their respective solo projects, so it is exciting ponder where the project might lead as the inaugural show is now two weeks past and said to have been an absolute smasher. All within a few short months, Flintwick’s stock has taken off so go and support the man by downloading his new tune ‘Lizard Cove.’


Download ‘Lizard Cove


LuSiD Facebook

By Cade Waller

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