Detox Unit & Friends: A Review of the Cervantes Spectacle

Detox Unit & Friends Break it Down:

Many months of work had set the stage for yet another immaculate production; an audio/visual production that wholly captures the essence of immersive, experiential art. This episode’s featured performance was cultivated by breakbeat superstar Detox Unit with Fractaled Visions as his video counterpart. Awaken the night brought their house favorite dance stack in for occasion, an absolutely brilliant build:

“Evo6 EH double over with F215 midbins, F124 subs on a Dante enabled network on Labgruppen & FFA amplifiers with digital backline.”


Thought Process led the night off with Oswvld; warming up the sound system as the room grew from empty to full. Oswvld mixed some really cool urban landscapes into his set that aligned into juxtaposition with Thought Process’ trademark take on the All:Lo Collective aesthetic. Smooth hip-hop beats laying way for thick basslines, carrying texturized percussion rhythms that comingle with synth rhythms—generating its own gravitational groove field for listeners to get lost in.

Navigatorz and Mezmer went second and cultivated an awesomely ominous dark vibe. Vinja and Sort of Vague are two of the best DJs in the scene so its awesome to see what they can get into with combined like interests, especially within the production realm. Given that both seem to be DJs at heart all roads seemingly lead to creating a more diverse and immersive experience on the dancefloor. And that they did!

Mickman and Cullen Hassel were each as impressive as ever and teamed up for what I believe to be their first collaborative a/v set. Mickman’s heavyweight basslines were imaged perfectly that to the AWN dance stack—both artists had fresh content to rinse and worked together seamlessly. Here’s to hopefully seeing Cullen and Mickman work together more frequently in the future!

Detox Unit and Fractaled Visions inevitably stole the show; it became evident pretty quickly that the system had been turned up a few decibels for Joe to roll out a full sleeve full of new tricks that he’d been practicing upon. I heard old, classic cuts over VIP basslines, blending perfectly with more classic cuts and VIP basslines—Detox Unit’s ability to inject life into his mixing game through his production and vice versa has always impressed and inspired me. Every time I see a set, he’s made clear visible forward progress in his game and made more fresh cuts with what seems to be the same general content. The entire mix was spent weaving tastefully in and out of genre ideas like as if it were any simple task; a true clinical on the art of mixing breakbeat dance music. Aside from a handful of fresh original content, Joe also threw in about five to ten minutes of heavy neuro drum and bass, something I had never seen before in a Detox Unit set and hope to see more of!

All in all, the show was incredible—every artist performed at a very high level in contribution to the big picture of immersive art. Biggup all the artists and all the people involved in production and promotion!

By Cade Waller

One thought on “Detox Unit & Friends: A Review of the Cervantes Spectacle

  1. Love this. Very technical and love the links. My Opinion when they created Array speakers less than 10 years ago. Speaker technology reached the best it can ever get. Excision uses PK sound. PK sound uses custom made arrays with motors that move baffles inside the speaker enclosure. Still an Array but it moves the whole sound field from the speaker before the EQ takes over. So anyone that thinks they can build better is fooling themselves. Funktion-One tried and over a few years, their design comes closer and closer to Arrays. sorta – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. NICE Write by Cade Walker it flowed well, very enjoyable to read.


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