Wooflet Turns Heads with Debut EP

Wooflet – Solitude EP – Intrepid003

Wooflet (aka Trevor Glaholt) continues his impressive first mark upon the underground bass music scene through the sounds of ‘Solitude,’ his debut EP via Intrepid Audio (Denver, CO.) Its release represents a massive milestone in the early stages of a project that has volumes of promise through both depth of character and attention to detail. Wooflet’s catalog of tunes shows that he’s willing to allow varying influential styles to fuel his art rather than limit it, enabling him to bend genres and express ideas within a stereo image like an absolute professional; ‘Solitude’ is the record that allows this idea to showcase itself. Break-beat audiophiles would be wise to keep an eye out as the year unfolds, what he brings to the table is a keen sense for fresh sound design and consistently clean mix downs that span multitudes of tempo ranges and sub-genre.

The record opens with ‘Case-Hardened,’ a menacing, in-your-face 145 bpm track which, at the heart of its composition, lies thick, well-textured drums, a bass line capable of leveling any dance floor, and neuro stabs that form hip-hop cadences which express themselves through undeniable rhythm. Though the beat is paced a bit slower than most music categorized as ‘halftime’ the tune still expresses some of the same key ideas that have come forth as trademarks as a production style. Varying implementations of vocal sampling cultivate depth and perspective within the soundscape. Wooflet’s attention to detail in the design and mix down stages are what allow these ideas to flourish together.

Track two displays a flavor that, to this point, hasn’t been known to exist as part of Wooflet’s repertoire: full time drum and bass. ‘Anomaly’ is a techy neuro drum and bass tune that presents a wonderful toe-dip into a world that offers mind-warping listening experiences, stimulating the deepest inner-workings of the brain. The tune’s got a very nice snare, which is arguably the most important element in a good drum and bass tune—it’s classy with a thick, wet texture which takes an impressive lead in setting pace.  One more example of the depth of character that Glaholt aims to cultivate, and yet another tasteful avenue of expression to tune into.

The final two tracks (title track ‘Solitude’ followed lastly by track four, ‘Awaken’) invite a dreamy midtempo break-beat vibe that evoke nostalgic feelings within. The well-paced drums combine with a fluid soundscape and impressive sub-work en route to some deep, tasty groove pockets.

‘Solitude’ is a truly impressive debut EP that brings a well-refined energy to the depths of Denver’s raw, rugged lower underground channels.

Solitude     Soundcloud //  Bandcamp

Wooflet    Facebook  //  Soundcloud

Intrepid Audio    Facebook  //  Soundcloud   //  Bandcamp

By Cade Waller

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